Fashion trends are always changing, but Liverpool has managed to carve their own space by staying true to their core values. Liverpool is a brand with unwavering commitment to fit, comfort, and style. That’s why it easily is becoming one of our favorites here at Katsch! With a philosophy that embraces diversity and inclusivity, every garment from Liverpool is designed to flatter every body type while exuding timeless elegance.

Timeless Styles that will stay in your closet for years! 

In an industry where trends come and go, Liverpool clothing is known for timeless style. The brand's ability to transcend passing fads is rooted in its focus on creating pieces that remain relevant season after season while offering updated and unique details. This timelessness ensures that when you invest in a Liverpool garment, you're not just buying an outfit, but a wardrobe essential. Whether it's their signature jeans, classic blouses, blazers, or versatile jackets, Liverpool's commitment to classic style is truly remarkable. 

Their Boyfriend Blazer with Princess Darts. has been a tried and true style for us. The incredible fit and stretch makes it unlike any blazer all the while remaining stylish. Match it back to our Liverpool Kelsey Trousers to complete the look!


Commitment to Comfort

At the heart of Liverpool Los Angeles is the philosophy of crafting clothing that not only looks luxurious but also feels incredibly comfortable. Each piece we carry at katsch does that. The brand understands that confidence comes from feeling good in what you wear, and their commitment to this principle shines through in every garment they create.

The secret behind liverpool's perfect fit and comfort lies in their use of premium materials and innovative designs. every piece, whether it's denim or a tailored blazer, is infused with just the right amount of stretch and softness. Our new Liverpool Boat Neck Textured Cream Stripe Sweater is so comfortable and elevated! 

Work Wear Essentials

Liverpool really shines in the realm of professional looks! their suit sets and workwear styles are a testament to their ability to blend style with comfort. The brand's blazers and denim jackets are tailored with plenty of stretch and have sleeves that can easily cuff, allowing them to fit several body types. They look great without the stiffness of typical work attire. Our new Boyfriend Blazer in Mini Plaid and Kelsey Knit Trouser in Mini Plaid exude professionalism and confidence, adding a refined touch to any outfit.


Don't forget to add a few of Liverpool's elevated basics to your wardrobe! They are the foundation to every great outfit! The Oversized Button Down and Long Sleeve Henley Rib Top are a few of our favorites!



September 01, 2023 — Heather Diehl