A Teacher's Fashion Guide for Confident Looks!

Hey there, fabulous educators! As summer winds down, and the scent of freshly sharpened pencils fill the air, it can only mean one thing: it's back-to-school season! While lesson plans and classroom decorations are undoubtedly essential, let's not forget about another vital aspect of heading back to school – updating your wardrobe! And where better to find the most vibrant, comfortable, and stylish outfits than at Katsch?

So, let's embark on a fashion adventure together, as we explore the marvelous world of bold and bright blazers, positive graphic tees, and the amazing cozy layers that await you! We just launched our annual Back to School Collection 2.0, and let's just say you are going to feel the "WOW"! Might be biased, but this year is our favorite collection yet. We did not skimp on the bright colors and bold prints because your style should mimic your classroom, a place made for fun and inspiration! To make back to school shopping enjoyable and effortless, here is our roundup of 4 things to look for when shopping (and our favorite styles too)! 

1. The Power of Bold & Bright Blazers is unstoppable!

We've said it once and will say it again, blazers are the hottest trend of the year and make a professional statement, especially for teachers. But who says blazers have to be boring? Not us! At Katsch, we believe that teachers should stand out and shine as bright as their students' minds. So, we've got an awe-inspiring collection of bold and bright blazers that will have you looking like a superstar in no time. From striking greens that exude confidence to lively pinks and oranges that spark creativity, our blazers are more than just a layer – they're a statement piece that says, "I'm ready to conquer the school year!" Our favorite blazer of the season is the Hannah Long Sleeve Welt Pocket Blazer, inspired by one of our favorite local teachers and collaborator of the collection. They also pair beautifully with our selection of inspiring graphic tees. We know teachers love the positive vibes, so grab your blazer and go-to graphic for a fun, professional look with a hint of personality.

Side note: follow @misswestbest on Instagram for some major classroom and style inspiration! She has worked with us to create amazing Back to School collections for 5 years!!! Working with her helps us find the perfect styles with teachers in mind. We are also a midwest based boutique with stores located in Geneseo, IL, Davenport, IA, and Iowa City, IA. We know what midwest women are looking for- the elevated ease of getting ready, especially teachers who are some of our top happy customers! Learn more about us in store or at www.shopkatsch.com


2. When your style matches your vibe ONLY GOOD THINGS CAN HAPPEN!

In the world of education, inspiration is the name of the game. And what better way to inspire your students than by wearing positive graphic tees? They provide a playful outlet to your wardrobe and can easily be dressed up with our colorful blazers. We are seeing more and more teachers rock the graphic, blazer, and elevated jean trend, so naturally we had to add these looks to the collection.  Each graphic features a motivating message with fun and quirky designs that will not only brighten your day but also spark conversation and smiles in the classroom. From "Good Vibes Only" to "Dream" these tees are a daily reminder of the amazing work you do and the impact you have on young minds.

3. Go-To Staples for Everyday Brilliance:

 When it comes to building a versatile teacher's wardrobe, go-to staples are a must. At Katsch, we've got you covered with an array of basic tees and tanks, denim, and more. You might be thinking, I can't just wear a basic tee to work, but we are here to tell you YES YOU CAN! Our styles embody simplicity to make getting ready easier. Starting with amazing foundational basics, you can mix and match these stylish essentials to create endless outfits. Here's how you do it: 

  • Find your basics that fit like a dream. Get a few colors because they will be your new go-to. Our favorites are the Scout Tee, Joanie Tank, and Mae Tee. These styles look elevated beyond your average top. We pride ourselves in sourcing the BEST styles so you don't have to guess about what works.
  • Dress them up! Our basics layer beautifully under cardigans, jackets, and of course... BLAZERS! We already mentioned the Hannah Blazer which is a great option, but our Kate Cardigan is another! This layering piece has been a bestseller for years. 
  • Polish the look with great denim, trousers, or accessories. You wouldn't believe how you can change a look with the right add-ons

4. When in doubt, wear your Layers!

As autumn slowly creeps in, so do those crisp and chilly mornings. But fret not, because at Katsch, we've got the coziest layers to keep you warm, snug, and ready to take on your classroom with confidence. From soft cardigans to stylish denim jackets, our collection of elevated layers will make stepping out of bed on early school days a whole lot easier. Not only will your outfit look more polished, but it's easier to get ready too! As we mentioned, layers can take a basic look and uplevel it to 5 star teacher approved!

If you want ultimate comfort, our Claire Pullover Sweaters are another great option. They are made with a buttery soft fabric and vibrant colors, allowing any teacher to take on their day with comfort and style. 


So, dear teachers, as you embark on your back-to-school shopping journey, remember that your fashion choices can be just as powerful as your teaching techniques. At Katsch, we believe that educators are superheroes in the classroom, and superheroes deserve to look and feel fantastic while they change the world, one student at a time.

As you pick out your bold and bright blazers, positive graphic tees, and go-to staples, let your wardrobe reflect your passion for teaching and your commitment to making a difference. Together, let's rock the school hallways in style and create an inspiring and vibrant learning environment for our students. Here's to a fantastic school year filled with unforgettable moments, fashionable outfits, and countless opportunities for growth. Happy shopping!

July 20, 2023 — Heather Diehl