Shower Burst Duo Bestsellers Set


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The Shower Burst® Duo transforms any shower into a luxurious at-home spa. To use, unwrap one Shower Burst tablet and place it in the provided sachet. Hang and splash with water. When activated by water and humidity, the tablet releases essential oils for a unique aromatherapy experience.

  • Scents: 
    • Relax: Sweet & Floral, Relaxing, Citrusy & Bright
    • Energize: Tangy & Sweet, Stimulating, Earthy & Robust
    • Stress: Lemony, Robust & Sweet, Soft & Floral
    • Clarity: Fresh & Woody, Subtlety Sweet, Sharp & Clean
    • Refresh: Tangy & Sweet, Invigorating, Clean & Fresh
    • Headache: Fresh & Minty, Subtlety Sweet, Hint of Spring
    • Unwind: 
    • Healing: 
    • Rise:
    • Cold/ Flue: Sweet & Earthy, Uplifting, Warm & Spicy
  • Made with 100% pure essential oil
  • Made in the USA

Note: Each Shower Burst duo comes with 2 aromatherapy tablets. It is made in the USA with natural ingredients and 100% pure essential oils. Re-wet the tablet and use for multiple showers for the longest-lasting experience.