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Women of Style - July 2016


Name: Aubrey Jackson

Where are you from: South Carolina

Tell us a little about yourself: Hi, My name is Aubrey I am a TV journalist with a passion for fashion! I share my love for fashion and beauty on my blog,!

Describe your style: My style is classy and chic! I love wearing fashion that is fabulous and affordable!

Favorite Place to Shop: I love shopping everywhere honestly! But off top I can say H&M, Express, Asos, TJ Maxx, the list goes on!

Favorite sources of Inspiration: I gained my fashion confidence from my mom!  She always had the best hats, suits, and jewelry and has even given me some of her pieces that I now incorporate into my own looks. I also play dress up a lot in my house and just create looks for the week at that very moment! 

Go to pieces in your closet: Staple blazer, perfect fitting jeans, and go to day to night dress!

3 beauty must haves: mascara, highlighter, lipstick!

Fashion Icon: Dorothy Dandrige! She had such a classic old Hollywood glam style that I love!

Preferred method of social media: Instagram - @Aubreyonair

You just won an all expense paid trip to anywhere in the world! Where are you going? I am going to Italy! My parent’s are retired military and have amazing stories of being stationed there and I plan to travel there one day and see it all for myself!

Favorite Book: Thrive by Arianna Huffington 

Favorite Type of Food: I love anything Italian : )

Favorite City: New York City

Favorite Era: It’s a tie between the old Hollywood glam of the 50’s and the fun/bold looks of the 80’s!



A big thank you to Aubrey for sharing a little about herself and her style! Check back next month as we another feature of some of my favorite women of style!  

xoxo -Amy

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