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Thankful you #shopkatsch


A funny thing happens when you celebrate - there's an overflow of gratitude that just keeps pouring out. The friends, the smiles and the stories from our recent anniversary may now be a memory, but it seems such a shame for the fun to end just when we're busting out the twinkling lights. So we got thinking … why let it?

Katsch is about celebrating style every day. From the last thing you put on as you walk out the door to the warm scent that welcomes you home, we think you deserve to always feel as special as you have made us feel during the last month (OK year, really!).

The more we thought about you - about us - we realized we want to see how Katsch fits in your life. When you come in for that new plaid blanket scarf we secretly hope to bump into you at the Local Motive so we can see just how you're wearing it.

The truth is, you constantly inspire us to provide more inspiration, and in that way, the fashionable momentum just keeps rolling. Don't get us wrong - we take our role as style leaders seriously and do our research well beyond Henry County. At the same time, we're itching to be more in your loop. To know just how Katsch settles into your every day. 

And if your day is like ours, then there's no reason we shouldn't be catching up on Instagram. We hope you're already following us, and odds are we're following some of you, so why not keep the conversation going by tagging #shopkatsch in your next post. 

Whether it's a selfie with your bestie or enjoying a lazy Sunday morning, we have a sneaking suspicion your favorite new jacket or the perfect mug from Katsch are making regular cameos.

Yep - that's it. That simple. Post your instagram pics and tag #shopkatsch so we can keep the good vibes rolling. Help us see what matters most to you and get in on the holiday cheer because we're kicking off the party with a giveaway! 

Use #shopkatsch in your Instagram posts now through December 10th to enter, and one randomly-selected entry will win a $50 Katsch gift card & our signature CHOOSE HAPPY candle (an $80 value). The winner will be announced on our Instagram account on Sunday, December 11th, and until then, #shopkatsch. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

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