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Spring Shoe Guide

Spring Shoe Guide


Shoes can be a woman's best friend or worst enemy.  Do you spend a lot of money on a "quality" pair or opt for an inexpensive pair and risk a dreaded blister. Do you go for comfort or style? What trends are relevant to your lifestyle?

I've spent years making mistakes on shoes and in the process wasting a lot of money. 

Over the last 2-3 years I adopted a new shoe philosophy and it has completely simplified my life! 

The Rules of Engagement 

  1. Identify the new trends each season & decide which ones work for your lifestyle
  2. Choose 3-4 pairs you NEED in your closet & say goodbye to the old, worn out ones.  (Please take the time to donate them if they are in good condition)
  3. Allow yourself 1 new pair of formal shoes per season
  4. NEUTRALS!  I always choose neutrals over colors because they are more versatile and I can wear them more often. Metallics are a great neutral and they add a nice pop without committing to a hard to wear color.
  5. Be frugal on styles that will show wear and tear. My summer sandals always get beat up. It's hard to get more than one summer out of sandals. 
  6. If shopping online, look for FREE shipping & returns, read the customer reviews & order 2 sizes if you aren't sure about size. 
  7. Don't underestimate comfort! Doing so will lead to you being dissatisfied and never wearing the shoes again


Must Have Trends & Styles

Below are some of my top picks for Spring/Summer 2017.  Obviously I'm not ordering ALL of these myself but you will see me rocking a few pairs! 


Lace Up Flats

Suede lace-up d'Orsay flats

$59.95  This pair from Gap comes in multiple colors but I chose tan because again, I love neutrals.  


Anneka Lace-Up d'Orsay Flat

$89.95 Available in black, taupe & camel. These lace up flats are one of the easier styles in the lace up category and are made of soft suede.  I'm staying away from overly complicated laces,  ain't nobody got time for that! 



Whitley Slide Sandal

$139.95 These are more of an investment but I think they will last longer than your average sandal and the classic styling makes them very versatile.  Wear them with a casual, springy dress or colored shorts and a breezy blouse.  

**Note: Comfortable & a total throw back. Mules are making a big return. Wear as a flat sandal or with a stacked heel. Personally, I like this trend but I'm proceeding with caution because it can easily turn matronly. I would start with an open toe rather than closed toe but I struggled to find many options.


Stacked Heel

Stanley Block Heel Mule Sandal

$100  Available in neutrals and a few fashion colors. The neutrals will stay in your closet for a few years.  Low, stacked heel and plenty of support around your foot make these look very comfortable. 



$110   These are for a girl who loves heels.  Pair with a casual summer dress or jeans and a cute top.  I love the thick straps & lace up in back. 



$69.95  These lovely shoes made their way into my collection this season.  I love a heel and know I can dress them up or wear them to a more casual event. Also available in a gorgeous pink & black.  I played it safe and went with the tan so I could wear them more often. 


Slip On

Leather slip-on sneakers

$49.95  Also available in blush & black. A MUST HAVE.  Not only is the slip on style super popular, but it's super comfortable!  I like going for a metallic hue to jazz things up and recommend being more frugal on these because I think they will get a lot of wear and tear. (Real life: they will get stinky FAST)

'Vienna' Slip-on Sneaker

$87.95  I love the pointed toe on this style. It definitely makes them feel dressier and less sporty. These would look great with cuffed denim & a tucked in button down. 

Pixie Slip-On Sneaker

$70  Just another option :)


Snazzy Sneakers


Women's New Balance® for J.Crew 620 sneakers

$80  Hey Sporty Spice, you are in luck! Metallic accents on casual sneakers are a hit this season! Pair them with a more athletic look, leggings & a casual top or skinny jeans & a casual button down.  


Kavi Lace-Up Sneaker

$85  Another option for fashion sneakers


Athletic Inspired Slides

Jazz Slide Sandal

$87.95  Another win for Sporty Spice! The soft leather on these athletic inspired flats make them perfectly acceptable for wear outside of the gym. 

Gizeh Birko-Flor™ Thong

$94.95  Sure, Birenstocks can be a splurge but I've never met someone who didn't have amazing things to say about the comfort factor.  Plus, all of the new colors and metallics take them from crunchy granola to stylish, low maintenance momma. 


Final tips. 

Blush & soft metallics count as neutrals in my book & are super trendy right now. 

If you want comfort & athletic looks try some of the styles I listed above and give the Nike's a rest. 

Shop around! If you like the styles I picked google the style name & brand to find the best deal. 




All opinions are my own and not a reprentation of the retailers or brands mentioned or connected to this post.